Provider FAQ’s

Below are the most common questions our providers ask.

How do I use Real Diagnostics services?

  • To start ordering tests from Real Diagnostics, click “Contact us” at left.

How do I access my patient’s results?

  • Patient test results can be accessed via our HIPAA-compliant results portal, or can be faxed to your office.

What specimen types are required for your test offerings?

  • UTI/STI testing – urine sample
  • Vaginosis/STI testing – vaginal swab
  • Respiratory:
    • COVID-19 – nasal swab OR throat swab
    • Flu A/B – nasal swab OR throat swab
    • RSV – nasal swab OR throat swab
    • Strep Throat (Strep A) – throat swab
  • Toxicology: urine sample

What insurances do you accept?

  • Real Diagnostics accepts all insurances.

I am having trouble logging into my report portal.

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