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Let’s Partner Together

Our partners benefit significantly from our advanced testing capabilities and cutting-edge technology and equipment. Our state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise enable us to provide a broader range of molecular offerings and methodologies, ensuring comprehensive diagnostic results and patient outcomes.

Collaborating with us would enhance your lab’s ability to meet client’s diverse and evolving needs, stay competitive in the industry, and expand your service portfolio to serve a broader range of molecular offerings, including UTI, STI, Respiratory, Strep, and Women’s health panels.

Our commitment to innovation and quality assurance would help ensure accurate and timely results, ultimately strengthening the reputation and credibility of your organization.

Benefits of Partnering

  • Enhance your molecular offerings – UTI/STI, Respiratory/Strep, Vaginosis.
  • Get your lab in the molecular game, especially post-pandemic PCR labs. We can handle your respiratory/COVID offerings as well.
  • One price includes shipping logistics, co-branded req form, and report, 24–48 hour turnaround time.
  • POL Labs – Seamless transition to large-scale national molecular offerings.
  • Reduce your patient turnaround time, office expenses, and administrative challenges.
  • Same-day clinical guidance for patients and doctors and availability to speak in real-time to medical staff.
  • Reports delivered via HIPAA-compliant client portal.

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