Real Diagnostics offers a robust, 30+ pathogen Urinary Tract Infection test offering

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Our test comes complete with Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing for all positive test results to provide accurate treatment plans personalized for each patient.

  • 30+ pathogens detected – gram-positive, gram-negative, viral, and candidas
  • Up to 54 antibiotics in our Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing (AST) panel
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time
  • Option to include Sexually Transmitted Infection Test with one sample

Easy-to-read results

Our unique report offers providers precise, accurate, and easy-to-interpret results.

  • Patient demographics
  • Pathogens detected, including precise colonization counts
  • Phenotypic Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing (AST), resulting in patient-specific recommendations
  • For complicated, multi-pathogen infections, our test will identify a single oral antibiotic that will be effective against both pathogens whenever possible
  • All results delivered via HIPAA-compliant provider portal or fax

Superior Service

  • A unique approach to customer service, allowing providers access to clinical lab staff at any time.


  • Molecular PCR testing for pathogen identification
  • Microbiology culturing for AST, and to ensure no additional pathogen growth

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