Our Test Process

Real Diagnostics utilizes two primary standards for our main test offerings;

Molecular Biology via PCR, and Microbiology via Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing (AST). Read below to learn more about the specific details of each and our overall process.

PCR (Polymerace Chain Reaction) Based Testing – Molecular Biology

  • PCR is undeniably faster, more sensitive, and more accurate than Culture. PCR results are not dependent on a lab tech’s abilities, nor the time it takes to grow bacteria in a culture dish resulting in more comprehensive and accurate sets of data with faster, traditionally same day, results.

Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing (AST) – Microbiology

  • The microbiology portion of our process also allows us to decipher the most accurate and sensitive antibiotic for any specific identified pathogen, hence removing the need for “scatter shot” or “Broad spectrum” antibiotics. We utilize a phenotypic AST process to identify the right antibiotic for the patient correlated to the specific infection. This phenotypic process enhances patient care, reduces recurring issues, and prevents antibiotic resistance. This is superior to a genotypic process, which only identifies resistant antibiotic drug classes.
  • In addition to the Molecular PCR protocols, we also utilize our Microbiology lab to culture all samples behind the scenes. This is done to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostic information is provided to physicians. While it is rare that PCR does not identify a positive pathogen, we provide this service to ensure accuracy and confidence!

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