We are built with a passion to make a difference in healthcare. We are true healthcare partners, innovators, and collaborators continually developing new diagnostic offerings to bring to the healthcare market and continue in our mission to enhance patient care. Our dedicated team members work tirelessly to provide the best service and support to our clients and community.

Real Diagnostics was created in 2014 and is focused on healthcare, innovation, and solutions.

We started out delivering leading toxicology services to the marketplace, however, we quickly expanded into delivering new innovative microbiology and molecular services in 2016. Since our transition, we have processed over 500,000 UTI results and currently represent over 750 doctors, hospitals and medical offices.  

During the pandemic we processed over 1,500,000 COVID-19 tests to support hospitals, local health departments, the State of FL, and multiple schools with same day PCR results. Currently, we are focused on providing exceptional patient care and clinical excellence with our UTI/STI, Vaginosis/STI, and respiratory offerings.

We are owners and employees with a passion for making a difference in the patient and provider lab experience. We are creating better solutions with evidence-based medicine by Humanizing Healthcare, one patient at a time.

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